Pizarras Campo born in 1923 , dedicating itself since the extraction and processing of natural slate . From the sixties , it is the first Spanish company to export the material to UK, Ireland and Australia .

The Pizarrera activity in Spain the beginning D. Demetrio Campo who launched what would become the germ of our business career , in the town of Leon Puente de Domingo Flórez . By 1960 , his son D. Antonio Campo , took charge of it and was a pioneer in the total renovation and updating, both the facilities and the operating system and business structure . Today his son presides D. Antonio Campo Fernández , continuing the process and adaptation to new markets and technologies, thus making PIZARRAS CAMPO in the solid and ambitious business project.

Throughout his years of experience, this family group has grown and evolved , adapting to technological advances in the sector , which have mainly affected the extraction activity .

Pizarras Campo is located in the province of La Coruna in Ortigueira. The company has its own quarry, the foot of which the ship that carried out the processes of sawing, shelly, cut and packaged is . In the quarry about 75 people work with long experience in the field of slate , sold cut to different sizes according to customer demand , the needs of each market and the use to which it is intended ( primarily covers, flooring and coating ventilated facades ) .

Field Slates among customers are building warehouses and construction companies, both national and international . Its products are almost all European and American markets , but mainly to France , UK, Ireland and Denmark.

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